Kiefer Financial Consulting is a Commercial Loan Broker and Advising company that is owned and operated by Brad Kiefer, a long time Alaskan resident.

We specialize in government guaranteed loans provided by SBA (Small Business Admission) and USDA.

We can broker most types of commercial loans including Commercial Buildings, Equipment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Working Capital, and Lines of Credit and will package your loan request and send it to multiple lenders. Interested lenders will send back a term sheet for your review and consideration.

We can help you with difficult to obtain loan requests like loans with a lower down payment option (10%), longer terms so you can afford the payment, or loans where you don’t have enough collateral for a traditional bank loan. Call Today!

About Brad Kiefer 

Owner Brad Kiefer has been in the commercial banking industry for 17 years and a past licensed commercial insurance agent for 14 years. Most of his career was spent with KeyBank in Southeast Alaska and Northrim Bank in Anchorage, Alaska. Mr. Kiefer has a diploma in Commercial Finance and Banking and a diploma in Business and Finance from American Bankers Association. Mr. Kiefer also has an Associate degree in Insurance. Outside of banking, Mr. Kiefer spent 20 years as a District Fire Captain in Juneau and Asst. Chief in Ketchikan. He was certified as a Firefighter, EMT II, Arson Investigator, and Training Instructor

By hiring me, you will save time in locking down the loan request you need without the hassle of going to just one bank at a time. If you have any financial questions about lending and how a loan request may impact on your business, please don’t hesitate to contact Kiefer Financial Consulting.